the world’s leader in the sophisticated manufacturing of semi-trailers and specialty vehicles


                CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co.,Ltd. (CIMC Vehicles)(Stock Code: 301039.SZ) is the world’s leader in the sophisticated manufacturing of semi-trailers and specialty vehicles, a pioneer in the high-quality development of road transport equipment in China, and an explorer and innovator in new energy specialty vehicles in China. The Company started to produce and sell semi-trailers in 2002. It has ranked first in terms of sales volume of semi-trailers in the world for 11 consecutive years since 2013.

                As of 2023, the Company ranked first in terms of market share in the domestic semi-trailer market for the fifth year in a row. Market Share of SDC in UK ranked first. LAG, an over-70-year-old company, ranked among the best in the European tank trailer market, with its high commercial value, low fuel consumption and low weight. . The concrete mixer truck has been leading in sales in China for seven consecutive years and maintains a dominant position in the global mixer truck market.

                “Intercontinental Operation, Local Manufacturing”is the Company’s most valuable competitive advantage, and it is the key to maintaining sustained growth and leading position in the global semi-trailer industry.

                By the end of 2023, the Company has more than 600 technical R&D personnel  globally, more than 1,400 registered patents, and has actively participated in the formulation of 35 national and industry standards for semi-trailers and truck bodies for specialty vehicles in China.

                The Company has entered a new phase of the third venture and implemented the “Star-chained Manufacturing Network”, which leverages centralized procurement (LTS) to facilitate the transition from full-category production to specialized “Light Tower” Plant production (LTP), from passive inventory to active inventory management (LTL), from order-based production to modular productdriven sales close to customers (LoM), and from point sales to hierarchical management for targeted sales (sales channels). Meantime, the Company utilized sophisticated manufacturing production lines and capacity, achieved efficient synergy, realized comprehensive production automation, intelligentization and process digitalization, increased orders and improved the fulfillment, and effectively combined major businesses or groups in the long run, so as to guarantee high-quality development.

                Key Businesses

                The Company continued to upgrade and iterate its major businesses or groups, and have established the “Star-Chained Light Tower Pioneer Group”, “North American Business”, “European Business”, “Champion Tanker Business Group” and “Dump Truck and Heavy Cargo Truck Business”. The Company conducted the production and sales of truck bodies for semi-trailers and specialty vehicles in four major markets in the world, covering more than 40 countries and regions, and had 21 “Light Tower” Plants at home and abroad.

                Semi-trailers, Container chassis trailers, Flatbed trailers, Curtain-sided semi-trailers, Curtain-side trailers, Tank trailers, Refrigerated trailers, Van trailers, Urban dump truck, Concrete mixer trucks, Heavy cargo truck

                CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.

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